Teaching Philosophy

Students are the most important people in the class- they are the future of our society.

All students have the ability to learn, but some may lack the desire to learn. It may take extra time to foster growth in these students as each one learns differently and may require more support than others. Differentiation is a great way to foster learning in a way that will not discourage students . As well, Students must be constantly challenged with their learning or they will become complacent. Inquiry projects are another powerful tool that allow students to learn about a topic that interests them in a way that they feel most comfortable. By using these student-centered learning techniques, all students should be able to succeed in the classroom.

The traditional method of teaching is not always the best way for students to learn- creativity and expression must be allowed to thrive in the classroom in order to have a positive classroom environment. Taking the classroom outside and to new environments during field trips allows for students to see what they are learning in action.

Students should have many different seating options available to them as each student is unique and may require a different learning environment or tool. Brain breaks should be used regularly in order to keep students focused and engaged in the task at hand.

While assessment is no doubt an important aspect of the education system it must be looked at with a new perspective. It is impossible to mark something that has not been handed in so instead of giving zeros, teachers should look at the situation and figure out why the assignment has not been handed in. Many times the student does not understand the assignment and that is why it was not handed in, but there could also be a greater picture such as some other personal issues that have been distracting. When testing, there should be multiple tests used for the students. Students should always be challenged on a test so as they neither become complacent or discouraged. Differentiation is very important in the classroom to ensure that all students are able to learn at their own pace.

During the school year the teacher is the generally the adult who spends the most time with the student. This means that the teacher must be a positive role model for all of the students. Teachers must also be there to help the students if they need someone to talk to, and if necessary help the student get further support.

Finally, There is not one standard way of teaching. Teaching requires constant evaluation and reflection. What worked with one class may not necessary work with another. Through the use of evaluation and reflection, new teaching strategies can be developed and used to better the overall classroom environment.