Almost Done #learningproject

So things have been going pretty smoothly with my #learningproject as far as Duolingo is concerned. I have a 24-day streak going and that is almost as long as the one I had going prior to reading week. So that’s the positive coming out of this post. Unfortneylt I have been having trouble setting up a meeting with someone to practice my French. This is something that I really want to do. It will serve as a sort of culminating project for me. My summative assessment if you will. But, more on that later.

Late last week Duolingo did a big update to its programming and as a result, many of the lessons were changed. This meant that I had to go back and redo a number of lessons that I had already completed. I reached out on Twitter, but to no avail. My fluency also dropped down as a result of the change. I have never been too sure of the accuracy, but it’s never fun to see your supposed progress drop down. That’s all for Duolingo for now.


I have been reaching out to a number of different people on a website called  Langue Exchanges this is where you can set up a meeting with someone and help each other learn a new language. I was a little worried about meeting someone new online, but I was able to move past that. I have been following the recommendations for setting up a good profile. Hopefully, I can set up a meeting sometime soon.

Check out my progress on Duolingo below.

Au Revoir


4 thoughts on “Almost Done #learningproject

  1. Have you tried Language Exchange yet? I’m curious to know how your experience was. I am also very skeptical about meeting people online and add on the fact that I will be communicating in a language I am not fluent in. I was interested in teaching English to classrooms that are abroad through video chatting, but, again, very skeptical. I hope you try it out and tell us how it went! Good luck!


  2. Updating of apps and websites is always a positive-negative situation because you know things are to get better but we usually lose the smaller things that we once loved or lose some progress. I am glad that it didn’t get rid of your streak though! I really enjoy that you are continuing to share screencasts of the lessons that you are working on. Do you think that you have mastered a certain category over another?
    I really hope that it works out that you can get Language Exchange to work and get paired with someone that can really test your French abilities! I think that it would be such a great opportunity for you and I would love to hear the success of meeting someone online. If Language Exchange doesn’t work, have you considered doing a face-to-face speech with someone from the La Bac program right here in Regina?! Would be super cool to meet someone who may be a huge part of your learning project!
    Awesome work with this documenting of knowledge and continuing to pursue new levels of this learning project. Best of luck wrapping up the semester!


  3. I have a love-hate relationship with app updates and I’m sad to see that you have lost some progress during an update!
    If Language Exchange does not work out, what about reaching out to French speakers in the area? It might be cool to chat with someone closer to home, but it is just a thought.
    Keep up the good work, and hang in there!


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