Stranger Danger

Things are still going strong on Duolingo!

So as I write this blog post today I am in the process of setting up an account and awaiting responses to try and connect with someone who speaks French. This was a much more difficult process than I had initially expected. It is similar to what I imagine setting up an online dating profile would be like. I am trying to be careful with the information that I am putting out there. It is tricky to find the balance between not putting enough information out there and putting too little.

I am using a website called Langue Exchanges which allows you to meet other people who are trying to learn a new language. When you first sign up you are prompted to pick what language you speak as well as what language you are wanting to learn. It then compiles possble matches for you to sort through. Once this is done you can send requests to people and ask to have an online meetup where you spend half the time learning one language and the other teaching your native language. I have sent out a few requests to people to see if we can set up a time to meet, but as of the writing of this blog, nobody has gotten back to me. Hopefully, we will have some more progress in the next day or two.

In all honesty, I am really not sure how comfortable I am with this. I am a grown adult and yet I am still quite paranoid about meeting someone online. Maybe it is all the stuff we have been discussing in class. This is definitely not something that I would want to use in the classroom. I think the reasons for that are quite obvious. I am currently doing some more reading on this to see how legitimate this website is, I am sure I will find it is very legitimate, but my paranoia is getting the best of me.

I am still going strong with Duolingo, and I currently have a 15-day streak and I am going strong. As well, I am up to 38% fluency according to the app. The questions being asked are clearly much harder with each passing lesson. I am really liking how the app suggests that you go back and redo certain skills as you keep progressing. This is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget what you have been learning.


For next weeks blog post I will try and have a video for you to maybe watch. If I can get over my fear of meeting a stranger I will try and record that conversation (with their permission of course). If not, I will record another lesson on duolingo and this time I will do one that I haven’t done yet so you might see me make a mistake.


2 thoughts on “Stranger Danger

  1. That is a tricky thing, deciding how to handle your information on the web. Isn’t it a mark of our society now that we worry about giving up too much information because our identity is at stake and yet, we have to establish an identity.
    Enough of the doom and gloom (sorry about that). That is so great that you show such dedication to Duolingo, I’m afraid that the app has been neglected on my phone for about a month now (I’m touching up, or, was touching up on my Spanish). Keep up the good work- you’re almost through the semester!


  2. While meeting stranger online is obviously scary for obvious reasons, I think it’s so cool that something like this exists! I had no idea you could make a profile to meet someone just to speak another language with them, I think that’s really cool. I haven’t read all of your posts, but have you ever used Rosetta Stone or anything? I have a friend (in the military) and he learned 7 languages through that program quite quickly. Maybe something to check out?


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