Look Mom! I’m Famous!

So like I said in my blog post last week, this week I was going to try something new.

For this weeks post, I have recorded myself (using Screencastify) doing my daily challenge on Duolingo. Before I get to the actual video lets explain how it went,

So overall, I found Screencastify very easy to use. I did a few practices runs just playing around with it before I actually did my main recording. It is a very user-friendly extension, and the only real set-up was changing some of the privacy permissions on Chrome. I think this is definitely something that I will continue to use. I know the iPhone allows you to record your screen, but I am not sure how well (or at all) voice can be added to it. But since I use the app the vast majority of the time I think I would rather do that. Screencastify is definitely something that I think students could use very easily in the classroom and I see lots of different ways that it can be utilized.

So here is my video for this week. Maybe next time I record myself I will do a new challenge so that you can maybe see me make a mistake.


For next week, I am planning on looking into having a conversation with someone who speaks French and we can help each other learn a new language. I am hoping that they will be able to speak both languages because I am not sure my French is up to par. Stay Tuned…

Au Revoir!


4 thoughts on “Look Mom! I’m Famous!

  1. Hey, great job on the video and using Screencastify! I think your progress with your learning project is going well and I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves Duolingo! Good luck with your conversation task! Have a great Wednesday!


  2. Awesome way to document your learning Conor! I love that you are challenging yourself every day to continue reaching those goals and having an app that keeps up with that is super smart. I’m glad you enjoyed Screencastify and I definitely agree it is a really useful tool for students in the classroom.
    Having an actual conversation is something that will definitely progress your learning! I was wondering if you repeat the words or practice saying them out-loud with the app? I think that would be a huge help with the general speaking part of the French!
    Great work! Glad to see that you are really enjoying using technology to learn.
    Continue le bon travail Conor!

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  3. Hey Conor, I really like how you explain the program and what we are looking at in your video, I couldn’t figure out how to share my webcam and my screen at the same time so good work!! I love this post, with showing your practicing. Thanks for being open to mistakes being shown no one is perfect and mistakes are ok!


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