Conor Woolley the Cyber Sleuth

So, my good Friend, Danna Schoff already completed her cyber sleuth of me. Hopefully, I can find more about her than she was of me.

As Danna and I have known each other for a long time we both agreed to not use any personal knowledge that we have of each other during this activity. This was a challenge as it would have been very easy to just write down what I know. But collecting evidence is important.

The very first thing that pops up after a quick google search is a professional looking twitter account. It appears as though Danna is very active and wants to use Twitter to continue her learning.

One of the unique things that I found about her twitter is she lists her location as Treaty Four Land rather than a particular city of town. This made it difficult for me to find out more information, but I do like her Treaty Acknowledgement.

From her twitter, I was able to link to her blog. On her blog, I was able to find out that she is in the last semester of her degree. She is focusing on the elementary area recently completed her internship in a grade 1/2 classroom.

Danna is also listed as a member of a fundraising team from Earls that is rasing money for the YMCA. I am sure she would love if you made a donation to her team.

Danna is also a member of the U of R dance team. According to the U of R website, this is only her first year on the team. I have a feeling that is out of date, but the internet never tells lies.

As soon as I saw what this weeks blog post was I immediately thought of Kim Possible. I’m not sure that being a cybersleuth is the same thing as being Kim Possible, but a guy can dream!


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