I might be able to start teaching French soon!

So things have been progressing very well with my learning of the French language!

According to my app, I am about 25% fluid in French. While I do think this is a little bit (or a big) stretch I am happy with how I have been progressing. The ability for me to challenge myself and bet on the app has been really great motivators for me and have allowed me to really commit to this process. As of right now, I see this as something that I will continue after the #learningproject is over and maybe even give learning another language a try. It was suggested by a fellow classmate that I instal the Duolingo app on Chrome and this has been an awesome way for me to quickly spend five minutes and practice what I have been learning. I promise that I am not doing this during our online sessions!

Since our last class where we learned about Screencastfy I have been playing around with using that and recording myself doing the lesson. I still much prefer to use the app rather than the website (mostly because I can do the app in my bed) but the website is growing on me. I hope to spend some time over reading week playing around with the website and screencasting and will try my best to have a video of me learning French for the first blog post back after reading week.

Another concern of mine is I have been doing Duolingo daily for almost 20 days and I am concerned about missing a day over break. I know we don’t technically need to continue working on our project over the break but I really don’t want to break my habit. That being said I am going skiing over the break and that will be my first priority. So if I miss a day it won’t be the end of the world, but I will try my best to continue with learning daily.


4 thoughts on “I might be able to start teaching French soon!

  1. Hey Conor! You have been progressing pretty well with your learning project, which is awesome!!! I like how you state your preferences and concerns for learning a new/unknown language. I have to admit, learning through an app is nifty and Duolingo is very effective! I am gradually learning Italian (part of my family ancestry) on that app and my boyfriend is learning Russian. So in light of new language learners…Bravo!! 🙂


  2. Good Job Conor. I look forward to seeing a few videos or recordings of your French learning. It is important that we try to document as many ways as possible so that many different types of readers can learn with you. Screencastify is a great tool, I really like Screen Capture as well if you want to adventure with your videos.
    Are you doing any other type of things to learn French?
    As well I was wondering if you are learning to write it as well as speak it?
    Seems like you’ve been putting a good amount of work into this learning project, good work! Have a great break and enjoy skiing!


  3. Awesome, Conor! I’m jealous to hear you’re going skiing. One question now about the app you’re using for your learning project. Does it only offer language help for french and english or can you choose from a multitude of languages?


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