Land Acknowledgment

So after watching today’s presentations and seeing a blog prompt that I really connected with I decided to do my blog on land acknowledgement and what it means.

Prior to today, the idea of creating my own land acknowledgement had never crossed my mind. I think it has the ability to make doing a land acknowledgement much more meaningful and personal. As I mentioned in class today, I find that land acknowledgement’s and sometimes the national anthem has become routine and they somethinging that we just do rather than actually reflect on them as we do them.

While I am not sure of the application of our own land acknowledgement in our daily lives, the concept is important. I have never been in a position where I am the one who is in charge of a presentation or greeting and so I have never done a land acknowledgement myself. I think it would be redundant for me to say my own land acknowledgement after someone else has already said one.

That being said, because of my involvement with student government I have had the opportunity to attend a number of different events both on campus and off where a land acknowledgement is done. I personally like the one said by the University President Vianne Timmons. What I really like about the one she does is that she mentions that not only is the land we are on part of our past it is also part of our future. When she is in a room with students she makes a particular mention of how important it is for us to be apart of the reconciliation process.

Anyways, those are my thoughts for the week.


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