Hi, I’m Conor and I am terrified to be here #saskedchat

As the title says I was really out of my comfort zone for this one as I attempted to join #saskedchat for the first time. I follow a number of people who are very active on twitter and so I see this group chat pop up on Thursdays regularly. Up until now, I have been terrified to give it a try. As you can see below, I put on a brave face for my group introduction when I really wanted to tell them that I had no idea what I was doing.

The topic for the night was on formative assessment. Thankfully this is something that I am somewhat comfortable with and have a solid working understanding of what it is and how it works. The moderator for the chat that evening was Kelly Christopherson who I had as an instructor last year. The irony of the whole situation was that Kelly had actually been my instructor for ECS 410 which we all know is our class on assessment. I knew I had to be on my game. I also tried to suck up a little bit but he saw right through that as you can see below.

I had three big takeaways for the night.

  1. Twitter chats are much easier to do than they seem.
  2. Tweetdeck is a lifesaver because I really don’t know if I would have been able to keep up with the chat if it wasn’t for Tweetdeck.
  3. Formative assessment is a complex topic as there are so many different ways to do it. I was able to connect with many different people with varying thoughts and ideas on the topic.

I hope to be able to participate in a few other chats in the near future. Hopefully, I will be able to focus more on the content rather than just making sure I didn’t make any mistakes. My only big mistake was forgetting to put the hashtag on a few tweets but there is no record of that because I deleted the tweet and made a new one immediately.

Today’s Disney video is one of my absolute favorites! Nothing like a little Hilary Duff to get you motivated to try something new. The other added bonus is I found the video I will be using for my final blog post. See if you can take a guess and let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Conor and I am terrified to be here #saskedchat

  1. Hey Conor! I did my first edchat recently and it was not what I was expecting. I participated in a fairly small edchat and there were a lot of conflicting thoughts. People would say their opinion and others would state their opposing/conflicting opinion. I was expecting everyone’s thoughts and opinions be more or less unified but that was just not the case. It just reminded me that there is multiple ways to teach and there is no right way to teach. We as future teachers should keep an open minded attitude and willing to try new or different teaching methods!


  2. Great post, Conor, thanks for including snapshots of your Tweets. Tweetdeck is such help when it comes to these ED conversations because it is really difficult to read and keep track of your own Tweets. I am glad that you learned so much from #saskedchat, would you say that you agreed with a lot of the ideas shared or was your opinion different than many? (even with your prof suck up, lol)
    If you really enjoyed this Twitter experience, I would recommend trying others such as #edchat and #edtechchat. They run very similar but with different questions or administrators which is cool to compare. Great work on this blog and going out of your comfort zone! Keep getting involved on Twitter, it really helps to make the connections.
    Keep it up!


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