Blanket Exercise Reflection

The other day in class was my third time doing the Blanket Exercise and every time I am able to take something new away from the exercise.

It had been approximately a year since I first did the Blanket Exercise. The first time I did the exercise it was a very moving experience as my Treaty walk had only just begun at the time. I found it to be a very powerful experience and one that left our normally very talkative and active class in near silence.

I also was able to experience a Blanket Exercise as an observer during my internship. Unfortunately, this was not a positive experience as the class did not take the exercise seriously. In a grade seven class, one student has the ability to completely disrupt an entire lesson and in this case that one student was able to disrupt what could have been a very powerful experience for the students. After the exercise, we were able to go outside and have a talking circle, which thankfully they were able to take seriously. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of some of the answers and found out they had way more knowledge on the topic than I initially thought.

When we did it in class the other day it was another very powerful experience for me. It allowed me to reflect on where I have come since the first time I did the exercise. I hope to be able to continue my Treaty Walk and it is experiences like these that allow me to continue my growth,


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