Apparently I am now 17% fluid in French

Well according to my latest test on the App I am now 17% fluid in French! 

Things continue to be going well and I think that is largely related to the fact that I have been following through with what I said I would do last week and ensure that I complete my challenge each day before I go to bed. This can sometimes be a challenge as I know we all have those days where once we finally get to bed all we want to do is go to sleep (after we check each social media platform at least twice that is).

Another cool feature that I decided to give a try was making a wager on the app itself. In the app, you are given gems which of course have no value outside of the game. I made a wager with the app and bet 50 gems that I would be able to go seven days in a row. If I succeeded I would be rewarded with 200. I am a very competitive person and this is not something that I was going to be okay with if it lost. So I ensured that I completed my 15 minutes of daily French and this week I had almost two hours of French practice on the app. Of course I wanted to keep this momentum going and I extedned the challange for this coming week. So keep an eye on my twitter to see how things are going.

One of my side goals for this coming week is to spend a few minutes on the web app to see what I can do with that. I believe that it is the exact same as the app however, I would like to confirm. I hope to begin using screencast sometime over reading week and that way you will be able to actually hear and see me speak French rather than just write about it.

I’ll leave you with some final proof that I actually did complete my goal for the week. Hope you will continue to keep up with me on my #learningproject journey.


2 thoughts on “Apparently I am now 17% fluid in French

  1. I love that there is an incentive on this app for you to keep learning! I strive on competition and so this is definitely something I would like if I was ever going to learn French on my own! Thanks for sharing


  2. Awesome job Conor!
    Crazy how when we are motivated when there is something in it for us. It is great that you are working so hard on the app and I think it would be incredibly beneficial for you to do the online website with screencast so that we can experience this language alongside you. It is crazy how even a couple minutes each day increase your fluency by so much. Being 17% fluent is great!
    If you are feeling up to it maybe a tutorial on some of the words that you have learned so that we can learn as well? You could post it on YouTube and then share it on your blog.
    Also pulling from your blogs elsewhere maybe a cool learning goal would be having the ability to sing or at least learn the lyrics to a French Disney song… Maybe you could pull inspiration from the French Beauty and the Beast on Netflix?!


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