I need a feed on how to use Feedly

So setting up my Feedly was much more difficult than I thought and I became more frustrated than I would like to admit. Once I got it going I was quite happy about how it worked and I think it will be a website where I will be able to find a number of different resources and tools for me to use both now and in the future.

Heres a screenshot of my feed from earlier today

Initially, my process for choosing what I wanted to follow was very random and based solely on how quickly I figured it out. As I progressed I was able to be much more selective with who and what I was following and went back in after and unfollowed a number of ones that weren’t so good. It is 2018 and I need to keep a good follower to follow ratio.

My favourite source that I follow is TED Education. I have always been a fan of TED Talks as I think they can be a really engaging way for us to have a very brief introduction to a topic, and then depending on how much we like what we are seeing we are often able to find more on the topic very easily. I was able to use some TED videos during my internship a number of times. I found that students really like hearing another voice talking to them every once in a while. As much as an ego hit this was, if the students are engaged in the lesson then I consider it a win.

I was really worried earlier in the semester when I found out how often we were expected to tweet. I had no clue where I was going to find enough content for me to tweet that often. So now that I have my Feedly set up I am at ease with finding enough content. But as you can see from the above video I am feeling much more comfortable with Feedly and Twitter. Almost as if I can fly!


2 thoughts on “I need a feed on how to use Feedly

  1. Hey Conor! Happy Saturday! Thanks so much for your thoughts on Feedly. It was interesting to hear that you developed some frustration working your way through Feedly because I had a similar experience. I found that once I searched a keyboard there wasn’t that much that came up, and thus, not many options to choose from in terms of education and edtech related blogs. I have found it much easier to search for blogs on google and also through tweeting out asking my followers what their favorite or most recommended blogs would be.

    I hope Twitter and Feedly only get easier for you (us) haha – you are already flying so it can only get better from here!




  2. Awesome job on Feedly Conor! Feedly takes very little time to fall in love with the access and easiness of having a place for your favorite things to read. It is always good to continue a strong follower-following ratio but look towards following people who fit into the same area of likes as you do and that will lead to a closer ratio.
    TED talk is great and I find them really intriguing, therefore I get all the information instead of just the ‘exciting’ parts. It is awesome that you got the experience using these in your internship and will allow you to continue this on your own in your own classroom. I know I really enjoy the TED talk theme: TED in 3 minutes (https://feedly.com/i/discover/sources/search/feed/TED%20talks) because I don’t always have the time for a full video.
    Way to persevere through the difficulties at the beginning. I am glad Feedly has become a favorite! Good work.


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