“You are now 9% fluent in French!”

You heard it here first folks!

According to the app I am already 9% fluid in French. I’m really not sure about the accuracy of that statement but this is the internet and we live in the era of a Trump Presidency so that means I can say whatever I want and it has to be true.


I will let this picture speak for itself… Because I sure cant!

So far the app has mostly focused on the basics as I slowly progress my way through the semester. I have definitely been able to recall some of the things that I learned way back in elementary school. I hope I am able to progress with the app and learn a few more difficult concepts so that I am much more confident in my French language abilities.


The biggest challenge that I have faced with this project is making sure that I remember to actually do my challenge on the app. I find that sometimes when my notification on my phone goes off at a time when I am busy or not around my phone I don’t always remember to do it later in the day. This past weekend I was in Saskatoon for a soccer tournament and I was not super focused on practicing my French as I was preoccupied with attempting to win the tournament- which we sadly did not. I have been thinking about ways around this and one solution that I have come up with is to either do it first thing in the morning or one of the last things I do before I go to bed. For this coming week, I will be trying to do it before I go to bed and I will see how things go with that.

One of the things I really like about the app is how it challenges you to continue learning and this really gets the competitive side of me going. For example, this week I have a wager going on with the computer that I will complete one challenge per day for a week. I don’t really gain anything by completing the challenge, nor do I lose anything, but I promise you I do not want to lose.

So that’s all from me this week for my learning project! If things keep going as they apparently are, my next post might very well be written completely in French! but don’t worry- I’ll be sure to add a translate widget on my blog. But that’s for another post!

Au Revoir!


6 thoughts on ““You are now 9% fluent in French!”

  1. Your intro to this blog post about living in an era of Trump killed me! I tried a French language learning app years ago and I too could remember recalling information from my elementary school years: fruits, furniture, colours, etc. I think its a great thing to begin doing some practicing before bed. I really think it will allow you memories of what you have learnt to last longer and perhaps refresh your mind everyday. People often say the last thing you think about before bed is what you dream about! So maybe you will start dreaming about learning about French.


  2. Hey! I’m glad to see a fellow DuoLingoer! (Is that even a term, well I just made it up) That awesome that you are reflecting on some French that you are able to remember from back in the day! I feel the same I can vaguely recall some of the information, we are both on this journey of being proficient French speakers. Keep up the good work Conner. P.S – Did you know – if you use Google Chrome you can get an extension app for Duolingo on your browser, so if you are just chilling in the university or need a break from studying/making lessons you can quickly hop over to Duolingo on your browser! Super handy I use it all the time and it syncs with my phone app so its always updated.
    Happy Blogging!


  3. Loved the post! A few months ago I tried to use the same app to learn French super randomly one day when I felt motivated and realized how much knowing French would be beneficial to my teaching. When I completed like 15 minutes and got the notification with the percentage of how fluent I was in French I was so pumped… until I realized I didn’t remember a single thing I had went through in the session. 9% is a great milestone!

    Good luck with the other 91%, I am sure you will have it mastered in no time!


  4. This post is fantastic! I really like how you found an app that is cheering you on and letting you know how well you are doing kind of like giving you and incentive!! Good work I took French for a whole semester my first year and probably wasn’t even 9% fluent so way to go! Maybe you’ll be teaching French by the time you have your degree!
    Keep up the good work!


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