Introducing Me / This is Me

Welcome to my blog for EDTC 300!

One of my goals for the semester is to see how many Disney references I can use. I’m setting the bar high with two to start, While it’s not #throwbackthursday I had to throw it back to 2008 and the absolute classic that is Camp Rock. 

While neither video actually tells you anything relevant about me I figured they are a good way to break the ice and at the same time maybe make you want to read the rest of the blog. 


So now for the boring part of this post…

My name is Conor, I am in my final semester of my degree with a focus in the middle years, I interned in an awesome grade 7 class here in Regina. At some point during the semester, I somehow become the resident “tech guy” at the school and ended up always helping out with assemblies and liturgies because they never seem to go as planned. I love being involved with things on campus and while I am slowly winding down that involvement as I only have three months left, I was very happy to help during my internship and I absolutely loved coaching!

I would consider myself comfortable with technology in the classroom, although I know this is an area that is constantly evolving so there is always so much more to learn. I think that technology can be very beneficial in the learning process and allows for so much creativity in the classroom. I hope to one day become a #connectededucatpr as I really think that it is the future of education. Blogging is something I become more and more comfortable with as I continue to do it. I hope that by the end of the semester it will become second nature to me.

So that is me in a nutshell! Looking forward to working with all of you.



You had to know this was coming…

This video is actually relevant to me and this semester as this is how I am feeling about lots of things especially the #learningproject.

That’s three Disney references! But who is counting?



One thought on “Introducing Me / This is Me

  1. Awesome Conor! I promise you I will keep track of the Disney references, cause you best bet I listened to all of those videos fronts to back! Love to see that you’re infiltrating your blog with some personality (a great personality may I add, lol). Funny how we don’t necessarily believe we are techy until we have to do it for a cause, especially when it comes to our students!
    It is good to hear that you are going to get more involved in your blogging and that you’re driven to work on making it even more of an education portfolio. Maybe you could add some of the things you worked on during your internship or some lesson plans!
    I think it would be hypocritical not to end this with a Disney song! So Aloha Conor!


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