Bonjour, je m’appelle Conor


I have decided that for my #learningproect I will be learning to French.

My primary source of learning will occur using a website and app called Duolingo. The app is set up to prompt me at 10:30 every morning where I will spend at least 15 minutes working on my French skills. The app will track my progress and will award prizes based on my achievements. One of the downsides of the app is that while it does allow you to share your progress automatically, Twitter is not one of the options, so that is rather unfortunate.

I took a placement quiz on the app and I didn’t score too well so I really am starting from square one with this. The benefit of that is that I can only get better from here.

There are a number of great podcasts and other online resources such as youtube that I will also use to help me to master my skills of the language. I plan on spending some time this upcoming weekend and really being able to find some handy resources to use.

I am really excited to start my #learningproject journey and I look forward to following along with my classmate’s progress as well.



4 thoughts on “Bonjour, je m’appelle Conor

  1. Hi Conor!
    It’s awesome that you are choosing such a useful and resourceful learning project. I was wondering if you have added a menu or category for this learning project so that I can follow through with your journey?
    It would be awesome if you could get another way to document your learning. Maybe you should compliment that app with some other ways of learning that you can show on your blogs?! Here are some websites to check out!
    If you ever need anything help with French or with blogging give me a shout!
    Best of luck in your semester!


  2. Hi Conor!
    You have chosen an excellent learning project! Those skills will be extremely useful in the future. I remember taking a beginners French course in my first year of university and, while it was difficult, it was also very fun. The whole language is very elegant and graceful.
    I also have a bit of experience using Duolingo (in my personal attempt to learn Italian, which I, unfortunately, did not due to commitment issues) and it was super easy to navigate and understand! I think you will have a great time with it! I’m excited to see how you progress throughout the semester!
    Good luck!


  3. Hello! Learning French sounds like a great learning project! In addition to Duolingo (which I love- I use it to keep up with my Spanish skills), I would recommend an app called Tinycards that works with Duolingo to improve your vocabulary!


  4. Hi Conor! Good for you for learning French. Interested to see where you take things with your #learningProject. If you ever need help with the French language let me know. Bonne Chance! ( that means good luck.)


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