Group Lesson Planning

This was a really tough activity for us a group to complete. It required the group of us to work together to complete a difficult task. I now have a new appreciation for teachers who co-teach full time as it takes a great deal of teamwork.It can be tough working in such a large group as everyone always wants to make sure that we all agree on what is being done. This can be tough as each person has different ideas about what is important and what should be included in the blog.

The hardest part of the lesson planning for me was figuring out how Blooms Taxonomy fits into the lesson and what verbs to use. I now know how important it is to find the right verbs so that your lesson plan is meeting what is actually happening. This was made difficult because each person in the group had different ideas about what is important and what verbs fit in best with what we are trying to portray. I think everyone in our group had really good ideas and wanted to ensure that their ideas were present in the lesson.

Another challenge with the lesson was including the Treaty Outcomes. This is something that I am still struggling with in my own lessons. It was hard to fit in with our indicator as well as our modified indicators. We were able to fit our lesson plan within the Treaty Outcome and it is workable. This is something that takes time and I know i need to continue to work on.


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